Grandmothers - An Evening with Salley Vickers

Grandmothers - An Evening with Salley Vickers



Join Sunday Times Bestselling novelist Salley Vickers for a very special evening where she will dscuss her new novel Grandmothers. 

Grandmothers is the story of three very different women and their relationship with the younger generation: fiercely independent Nan, who leads a secret life as an award-winning poet when she is not teaching her grandson Billy how to lie; glamorous Blanche deprived of the company of her beloved granddaughter Kitty by her hostile daughter-in-law, who finds solace in rebelliously taking to drink and shoplifting: and shy, bookish Minna who in the safety of shepherd’s hut shares with her surrogate granddaughter Rose her passion for reading. The outlook of all three women subtly alters when through their encounters with each other they discover that the past is always with us and that we go on learning and changing until the very end.

Salley Vickers has worked as a teacher of children of special needs, a lecturer in adult education, a university lecturer and a psycho analyst. She now writes full time and is the author of many celebrated novels, including the word-of mouth bestseller 'Miss Garnet’s Angel' and the Sunday Times bestseller, 'The Librarian'. 'Grandmothers' is her latest novel. 

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